My Favourite Stretches – Video!

Just a few stretches I’ve started incorporating into the end of my workouts. Perform these until the point of mild tension, don’t force your legs or arms into places they’re not ready to go yet 😂:
✅Quads; pull heel into bum .
✅Adductors featuring no face; place soles of feet together and pull legs into body, keep body upright or lean forward to make it harder.
✅Hamstrings featuring the tightest hammies EVER; lie on back with one leg straight out on floor, pull other leg up keeping as straight as you can.
✅Lats; sit up straight and bend arm over to side
. .
✅Traps; sit upright and pull arms out in front of you, trying to really open the back and separate shoulder blades ..
Hold each stretch for 15-20 secs and if you want to develop stretch/flexibility in a particular area then take a deep breath and on the exhale pull that stretch a little further and hold for another 15 secs.

The benefits of stretching include:

  • Increased muscle elasticity
  • Returns muscle to normal length and shape
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Reduces the chance of DOMs (muscle soreness)
  • Relaxing and stress relieving
  • Will make you more flexible

So make sure you do some stretches at the end of your workout! They’re so important!

Elle xo


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