Becoming a Personal Trainer

I am currently in the process of training as a Personal Trainer, and I thought I would talk about my experience so far just in case any of you are interested in doing the same thing! It’s not a quick or easy journey to becoming a PT and you have to put A LOT of hard work in, and you need to be very self-motivated.


My Course Provider

I’m training with Lifetime Training and so far they have been brilliant. I am doing the combined PT course, which basically means I am doing the Level 2 Fitness Instructor course as well as the Level 3 Personal Training course. You have to pass the Level 2 before you start the Level 3.

Each student gets a Desk Based Tutor who you can call or email for advice or help if you ever get stuck or need some extra help with studying which is really good.




For each level, you need to complete a (lengthy) Anatomy and Physiology (A+P) assessment as well as some Core Units which are all about how to work with a range of clients and goes more into the psychology of working out and how to motivate. The A+P units are SUPER ‘sciencey’, and really quite difficult, but so interesting!

For Level 3, you also need to complete an assessment about Nutrition which I’m looking forward to starting.

You do these assessments in your spare time so you really need to be very self-motivated. You have deadlines where you need to get them submitted by as well, so you need to bear this in mind. But you could definitely do it around a full-time job.


Practical Course Days

For each level, you will need to attend a four-day course, followed by a separate practical assessment day around two weeks later. There are lots of locations around the country so hopefully you shouldn’t have to travel far!

I’ve just completed my four-day Fitness Instructing course which was so interesting. There were around 10 other people who were also there so it was nice to meet like-minded people. The sessions run 9-5 and they’re very interactive and you get shown how to use all the cardio and resistance machines properly, as well as the correct technique for stretching and performing free-weight exercises.

I haven’t done my practical assessment day yet so I’m a bit nervous! You basically have to give a training session to a client and there’s so much to remember! But if that all goes well I will officially be a qualified Fitness Instructor very soon! Wahey!


Course Fee

It is around £3000 to train as a PT with Lifetime, but I have paid for my course with an ‘Advanced Learner Loan’ from the UK Government which everyone can apply for if you are over 19, which is pretty awesome.


Overall if you’re thinking of training as PT I’d say go for it! Even if you don’t use the actual qualification as a job or in a new career, it is still super useful to have all this new knowledge and it is really interesting!

If you have any questions about my experience so far then please get in contact!

Elle xo


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