Review: IdealFit Vegan Range

If you’re like me and have a dairy intolerance or if you’re a vegan, then you’re going to be exciting about the following release!

IdealFit have launched a brand new vegan range of supplements, and I was so excited to try them out! I’ve been able to try out the Chocolate Protein Powder and the Peach Tea BCAAs. I’ve been trying them out for a while now – keep reading to hear my thoughts!

Peach Tea BCAAs

BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) have become a vital part of my workouts. They supply your body with the amino acids it needs in order to help build muscle and tone up. Amino acids are basically the building blocks of protein which means they are vital in creating lean muscle mass. They can also help support the immune system and reduce fatigue, particularly during intense workouts.

The IdealFit vegan BCAAs feature 5 grams of essential amino acids which the body needs to get the most out of its workouts. This flavour is so yummy – it does really taste like Peach Tea! You mix a scoop with 300mls of cold water in a shaker bottle, give it a good shake and there you go! I like to take mine with me to the gym and sip on it throughout the workout. It is so refreshing and perfect for those rest breaks in between sets.

Overall I would really recommend these vegan BCAAs. They taste amazing, make me feel good and are super easy to prepare and consume!


Chocolate Protein Powder

I’m always looking for ways to get more protein into my diet. I have very high protein requirements in my daily macros as I do a lot of heaving weight lifting, and I find that taking a protein shake just helps me reach those daily goals.

The IdealFit Chocolate Protein Powder consists of 21g of rice, pea and hemp protein, which makes a nice change from the whey protein which you see everywhere! There are a number of ways you can eat this. The simplest way is to create a protein shake by mixing a scoop of the powder with 200-300mls of cold water or plant-based milk.

I personally like to mix mine into my overnight oats so I get my protein intake first thing. A recipe will be coming soon – these are so yummy! You could also make protein brownies or smoothies – be inventive!

The chocolate flavour is really nice. I find some protein powders so disgusting to consume but this one is really good! They also do a strawberry protein powder which I haven’t tried yet, but I can’t wait to give that one a go!

Overall I would really recommend the IdealFit Vegan range. I’m so glad so many companies are now coming out with more vegan and dairy-free options! If you want to give them a go then follow this link – ‘ELLE10’ will also get you 10% off!

If you have any questions then just let me know!

Elle xo




The links above are affiliate links which means if you make a purchase through them I will receive a small commission which is at no extra cost to you but is just a ‘thank you!’ for introducing you to the supplements! I thoroughly recommend everything I link and totally believe in everything I say – this review is 100% honest!


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