Lifting Weights isn’t Feminine?

OK, so have any other ladies had this problem? I’m getting sick and tired of hearing things like “lifting weights isn’t ladylike”, “don’t get too bulky” or “you don’t want to start looking like a man”…

UGHHH, correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we live in the 21st century?! Shouldn’t women be able to do anything which makes them happy, and that includes weightlifting??💪 So what if I’m getting muscles and getting stronger!! That’s awesome and I’m personally so happy about that! 

I love seeing all the ladies on my Instagram page getting gains and getting stronger too! Having muscles doesnt make me ‘unladylike’, what ever that is.🤔 I can wear both a pair of heels and a pair of trainers thanks.

Why do some people seem to think women should be weak and dainty and that lifting weights should be left solely to the blokes?!!?😂 Sorry, but I’m not listening to your comments, I’m going to carry on doing what I’m doing, so please keep your opinions to yourself. If you need me, I’ll be in the gym, probably in the weights section, surrounded by blokes, many of whom think I shouldn’t be there.

Elle xo


2 thoughts on “Lifting Weights isn’t Feminine?

  1. #Girlswholift 💪 so glad you’ve made this post and I literally could not agree more! I love lifting it makes me feel like super woman.. Strong.. Powerful and on top of the world😍🌸 🌏 💗


  2. Totally agree! I’ve always loved lifting weights, it feels so good to be strong. I actually haven’t had any guys tell me that I shouldn’t be lifting but I’ve had several woman ask me if I’m concerned that I’ll start to look like a man. It seems like there’s still the perception among people who don’t exercise that woman can actually get bulky.


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