8 Best Muscle Building Foods

Building muscle doesn’t just mean spending hours at the gym pumping weights. You really need to take a look at your diet and start consuming some of these muscle building foods (if you’re not already).

Combine eating these regularly and working out often, and you will soon see results – promise!

1. Meat and Fish

This isn’t really much of a surprise! Meat and fish is one of the best sources of protein to help you build those muscles.

You don’t need to eat it every day though. I only eat meat or fish perhaps three times a week, and this is enough for me.


2. Greek Yoghurt / Soya Yoghurt

In 100g Greek yoghurt, there is around 10g of protein, which is pretty impressive. Yoghurt is also super easy to eat for breakfast or as a snack, making it very convenient too.

I personally have Alpro soya yoghurt as I’m dairy intolerant and it is fab! I like to top it with fresh fruit.


3. Eggs

One egg has approximately 13g protein inside. The leanest way to cook an egg is either to poach or boil it, but anyway is fine really!


4. Pulses and Beans

Pulses include things like lentils and chickpeas. 100g of chickpeas, for example, have an amazing 19g of protein!

You could also go for kidney beans, butter beans or even baked beans for a great protein kick to get those muscles into gear!


5. Peanut Butter

What is more yummy than peanut butter? Not a lot, in my opinion! Have two tablespoons of peanut butter and help yourself to 8g of protein.

Pop it on toast, top porridge with it or even bake it into some choc brownies!


6. Quinoa

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Una idea de almuerzo rápido, rico y para salir de la rutina es hacerte un quinoa bowl. Es tan sencillo como colocar en un plato hondo quinoa, alguna proteína, vegetales cocidos y crudos 🥙🥗 . . El mío tiene: Quinoa, pollo, brócoli, champiñones y aguacate.🥑 . . . Todos hemos oído lo saludable que es la quinoa 🤷🏻‍♀️¿Pero sabes por qué? 🤷🏻‍♀️ _________________________________ 1️⃣Es un grano altísimo en proteínas, tiene entre 13 y 14 gramos. 2️⃣Tiene fenilalanina (un aminoácido esencial que es un estimula la producción de colágeno, es antidepresiva y es útil para aliviar las cefaleas.) 3️⃣Tiene treonina (un aminoácido esencial que es excelente para desintoxicar el hígado porque ayuda a metabolizar las grasas depositadas en ciertos órganos) . . . . ☝🏽Es importante comer saludable, pero mucho más importante, saber que está entrando a nuestro cuerpo☝🏽 #EsAlgoNatural

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Quinoa has become super popular in recent years and for good reason. 185g of quinoa (which would be the perfect portion for lunch) contains just over 8g protein.

It is a fab source of protein for vegans and vegetarians, whilst also being super high in fibre and low in fat.


7. Protein Powder

There is nothing wrong with topping your protein intake up with some protein powder.

I use the Pulsin soya protein powder as I can’t take whey protein obviously, and this is a fab vegan alternative. One table spoon has 10g of protein, and I either drink it with water as a shake or create smoothies with it!


8. Milk / Plant Based Milk

Another obvious one, milk is a fab ingredient to build those muscles. I take soya milk personally, but you could go for almond milk, oat milk or any other alternative!


Do you have any other suggestions for good muscle building foods?

Elle xo


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