6 Tips for Going Dairy Free

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For around 18 months, I was experiencing problems with my digestion. I was feeling sick, getting super bad stomach cramps and bloated like CRAZY.

I had no idea why.

I tried cutting out gluten. It didn’t work. I tried cutting out meat. It didn’t work. I eventually started cutting out dairy and I noticed such a difference in how I felt.

I was no longer experiencing pains, bloating or nausea. I was so relieved! So I would definitely recommend going dairy free if you’re having similar symptoms and see if it works for you.

I have put together some top tips and food swaps if you are vegan or don’t eat dairy. Trust me, it’s not easy as dairy seems to be in everything, but there are some great alternatives out there!

1. Soya Protein Powder

Soya Protein Powder
Soya Protein Powder

Haha so sorry for my face here – posing with a protein shake isn’t easy!

As I work out so much and lift a lot of weights, it is super important in my opinion to drink a protein shake after every workout. Most protein powders are whey protein (hence from milk) and so I can’t have these.

I decided to go for a soya protein powder instead, as I already drink soya milk and I love it. I use the Pulsin’ Unflavoured Soya Protein Powder:

Pulsin Soya Protein Powder

This stuff does not taste amazing – it is unflavoured so don’t expect it to taste like a milkshake! But I have a heaped tablespoon mixed with 200mls of cold water, and then shake it all up in my Maximuscle protein shaker bottle. This bottle is great because it gets rid of any lumps!

I also add it to some food when I’m cooking for added protein – try it in flapjacks, fairy cakes or even with some porridge.

2. Single Soya instead of cream


This stuff is great. I use this instead of cream or creme fraiche in so many different recipes. For example, I made a creamy chicken and leek pie the other day which included this and it tasted amazing!!

This is entirely plant based, lower in saturated fat than normal cream and tastes gorgeous too!

3. Banana Ice Cream

One thing I really missed going dairy free was the ice cream! There’s nothing better than a bowl of cold ice cream on a hot summer’s day.

I instead started whizzing up bananas and combining them with some of the single soya (above), popping in a few vegan choc chips and some vanilla essence! Freeze this for a few hours and then…enjoy!

4. Violife ‘cheese’

One of the only vegan cheeses I have tried which is actually edible, Violife Cheese is made from coconut oil, producing both hard and soft cheeses. They are super yummy.

They come in so many different flavours too. They melt well so are the perfect choice for pizzas or lasagne! Have a look on their website here. They are also available in most supermarkets!

5. Avocados

Avocados are amazing. They are rich in lots of vitamins plus magnesium, omega 3 and potasssium.

They also make good sauces – their creamy texture goes well with pasta for example. For a simple recipe, whizz up an avocado with some salt, pepper, chilli flakes and lemon juice, before mixing into some pasta.

They are also great for baking when used instead of butter. They are so versatile. I have this avocado cookbook here which is super useful!


6. Invest in spices

Spices are an essential for jazzing up any meal really easily and cheaply. And the great thing with spices is that they’re all dairy free!

If you add lots of flavour to your cooking through spices, you will hardly know that you are missing out on dairy. I also like to add mustard powder and nutmeg to my soya milk white sauce, so it hides the slightly sweet taste of the soya and makes it more savoury.


Do you have any tips for going dairy free? I would love to hear them, as I am still learning too!

Elle xo


The links above are affiliate links which means if you make a purchase through them I will receive a small commission which is at no extra cost to you but is just a ‘thank you!’ for introducing you to the product! I thoroughly recommend everything I link and use all the items myself!


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