Gymshark Seamless: My Thoughts

After seeing all the fit girls I follow on Instagram and YouTube rocking the Gymshark Seamless leggings and bras, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. They looked INCREDIBLE.

They released two new colours, grey and red, last Thursday 13th July at 3pm promptly. Duly, I was on the Gymshark website 5 minutes before this time and waited with anticipation. I knew they would sell out super duper fast.

Boy, I wasn’t wrong.

In under TWO MINUTES the bras had sold out in Small and Extra Small. Luckily, I managed to nab myself a grey bra and leggings combo in my size. I was pumped.

They arrived today. I am so impressed. I haven’t worn them for a workout yet but I have done the squat test, and no underwear was seen. Hoorah!

gymshark 1


Gymshark Seamless Leggings
Gymshark Seamless Leggings

I went for size Extra Small in the bra and size Small in the leggings. I am a size 8 up top and a size 10 down south. I wanted the bra to be supportive when I was running, plus I am not the bustiest of girls hence why I went for XS. I didn’t want the leggings too tight as I wanted them to have some give in them whilst doing squats and the like.


gymshark 4
Gymshark Seamless Bra Front


Gymshark Seamless Bra Back
Gymshark Seamless Bra Back

The bra is really supportive and features some removable padding in the cups for extra ‘oomph’. I will keep the padding in as I need it. I love the pretty lace detailing on the back and sides of the bra too.

The same lace detailing can also be seen on the bottom of the leggings:

Gymshark Seamless Leggings
Gymshark Seamless Leggings

The legs on the leggings aren’t super long like on the Flex Leggings. I am 5ft 8″ and they were perfect on me. On the flex leggings, even I had to roll the bottoms up! If you are shorter than me they will be fine too.

The waistband comes up super high which I LOVE about these leggings. You can pull it up so it comes up to just below the bra – you don’t need to have any skin on show if you don’t want. If you do want to show off your abs though, you can just roll it down.

They feel almost like compression leggings, pulling my tummy in as I wear them. They make me feel really comfortable and confident!


Overall, I would definitely recommend the Seamless set! They are super comfy, flattering and stylish. I will try them out on my workout this Thursday and feedback to you all! If you have any questions in the meantime please ask! They’re not in stock at the mo but keep checking on their website!

Elle xo


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