Review: IdealFit Core Leggings

I’m always on the lookout for that dream pair of workout leggings. They need to stand up the rigours of my (pretty intense) workouts. I’m a big lover of very sweaty high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and also lifting heavy, doing loads of squats and lunges.

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8 Best Muscle Building Foods

Building muscle doesn’t just mean spending hours at the gym pumping weights. You really need to take a look at your diet and start consuming some of these muscle building foods (if you’re not already). Combine eating these regularly and working out often, and you will soon see results – promise! 1. Meat and Fish […]

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6 Tips for Going Dairy Free

Follow my blog with Bloglovin For around 18 months, I was experiencing problems with my digestion. I was feeling sick, getting super bad stomach cramps and bloated like CRAZY. I had no idea why. I tried cutting out gluten. It didn’t work. I tried cutting out meat. It didn’t work. I eventually started cutting out […]

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