My Favourite Stretches – Video!

Just a few stretches I’ve started incorporating into the end of my workouts. Perform these until the point of mild tension, don’t force your legs or arms into places they’re not ready to go yet!

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Becoming a Personal Trainer

I am currently in the process of training as a Personal Trainer, and I thought I would talk about my experience so far just in case any of you are interested in doing the same thing! It’s not a quick or easy journey to becoming a PT and you have to put A LOT of hard work in, and you need to be very self-motivated.

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My Top Booty Exercises

On my Instagram (@elle_lifts), I recently posted a transformation picture of my glutes and how they have changed in just over five months. I have received some many queries from ladies and gents alike asking me how I have managed to achieve the results I have an in such a reasonably short space of time. […]

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IdealFit BCAAs and Pre-Workout

I’m quite picky about the supplements I take. I like to know that what I am taking is really benefiting my body and helping me through my workouts. They also need to taste amazing, because I am pretty picky when it comes to things like that! IdealFitĀ have an extensive range of supplements designed specifically for […]

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